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Beer Handcrafted by Winemakers

Our beers have characteristics similar to those you find in good wines. They are well structured, highly aromatic and have a full flavoured body. The interplay between different malts, hop varieties and yeast strains helps to create our balanced beers.

Christopher B Chen

Christopher moved to Switzerland from Australia in 2011 having worked as an Oenologist previously in Valais, Bordeaux and Australia and currently works making swiss wine and beer. Christopher shares a passion with Luc for producing well structured, highly aromatic, full flavoured beers that stand out from the crowd.

Luc Van Loon

Luc moved to Switzerland from Belgium in 1988 and is working as a research geochemist at the Paul Scherrer Institut. In his free time he’s a winemaker, making his own Single Vineyard wines from vineyards in Canton Aargau. It is through winemaking that Christopher and Luc met and began to develop the idea of starting a brewery.

Crafted with precision

All of our beers are handcrafted with precision. To achieve a balanced and complex flavour we rely upon our creativeness, state-of-the-art brewing techniques and attention to detail.

We only use the very best ingredients for brewing our beers and combine winemaking and beer brewing philosophies to make the best product possible. We never compromise on quality!